Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hot Stone Massage

If you have ever had the pleasure of receiving a hot stone massage you are familiar with the intense feeling of relaxation that it elicits. But are you aware that there are long term, lasting benefits of hot stone massage?
Some of the medicinal benefits of hot stone massage include:
  • Relief from pain associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions
  •  Increases range of motion and flexibility in joints 
  •  Diminishes chronic tension and stress and promotes calmness and relaxation
  •  Reduces muscle spasms, tension created by strained or contracted muscles, and soothes pain
  •  Lymphatic drainage and cleansing
  •  Decongestion of the liver by relaxing ducts
  •  Relaxes colon for better elimination
  •  Detoxifies the blood
  •  Helps with hydrating and flushing cells
  •  Improves circulation and help rid the body of toxins
A hot stone massage combines thermotherapy (heat therapy) with a variety massage techniques to provide an effective healing treatment. The use of natural basalt stones in conjunction with massage uses powerful earth energies to help the patient heal. Sometimes cold stones, typically marble, are used in conjunction with hot stones. The hot and cold combination further increases circulation and speeds the injury recovery process.
For those who have not yet indulged in the experience of a hot stone massage; it consists of both warm and hot stones that are heated between120 to 140 degrees F prior to being applied to the body. The placement of heated stones on a particular area of the body increases the circulation of fluids, can assist in alleviating organ congestion, and may even dissolve adhesions. Sounds good?

 It gets better:
While the placement stones melt away tension and stress, the therapist will coat additional hot stones with oil and use them as massage implements. Using a variety of massage strokes and pressures, the therapist will work the stones into the muscles and soft tissues of the body. The firmness of the stone couples nicely with the heat to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the massage. The heat and energy from the stones penetrate deep into the muscles to achieve a soothing and therapeutic experience. When used with specific techniques, the penetrating effects of the heated stones allow the therapist to deliver massage and release tight muscle restrictions more efficiently without the use of excessive pressure which results in less discomfort for the client.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Corporate Chair Massage

Are you looking for an affordable way to increase productivity, job satisfaction and the health of your employees? Adding a corporate chair massage program to your wellness benefits package can really make a difference and benefit both your employees and your company.
Things to consider when comparing other wellness benefits to a corporate chair massage program:
  • CostChair massage is healthier and often cheaper than providing free coffee or soda.
  • Effectiveness – Results are immediate and can last for weeks.
  • Participation – Over 90% of your employees will likely take part in a chair massage program, study after study have shown this to be true.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

As you lie on the massage table under crisp, fresh linens, heat from the table warmer soothes your overstressed muscles as soft music beckons you into the moment. The session begins and the problems of the world fade away. Sweet relief fills you and all you know right now is that you don’t want this moment to ever end.

But what if that 60 or 90 minutes of massage did more for you than just melt away the stresses and pressures of the day? What if that gentle massage and bodywork helped you recover from a strained muscle in half the time? What if massage and bodywork also enhanced your sleep, digestion and mood? What if these weren't just "what ifs"?

The Benefits of Massage:
In an age of technical and, at times, impersonal medicine, massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and holistic approach based on the body's natural ability to heal itself. So what exactly are the benefits to receiving regular massage and/or bodywork treatments?

- Increases circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.

- Stimulates the flow of lymph, the body's natural defense system, against toxic invaders.

- Increased circulation of blood and lymph systems improves the condition of the body's largest organ - the skin.

- Relaxes and softens injured and overused muscles and reduces spasms and cramping

- Increases joint flexibility and range-of-motion, while decreasing stiffness and pain.

- Reduces recovery time, helps prepare for strenuous workouts and eliminates subsequent pains of the athlete at any level.

- Releases endorphins - the body's natural painkiller - and interrupts the pain-spasm-pain cycle.

- Reduces post-surgery adhesions and edema and can be used to reduce and realign scar tissue after healing has occurred.

- Relieves headache pain and may decrease the need for medication.

- Decreases depression and anxiety.

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